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    The ‘back’ diaries by Nina Dobrev


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    Stoned Harvey and Mike <3

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    Favorite couple <3

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    Happy birthday, Crush!!! <3

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    Lifehouse Live in Manila

    Ha, I’m writing again. But no, this won’t be long, just wanted to share my “fangirl” moment last May 26, 2012. Chos

    Remember that song played on Smallville’s pilot episode which gave you chills and made you search every “songhits” for the title and lyrics because Mr. Google and internet aren’t existing yet? Yes, it’s Everything by Lifehouse. 

    Maybe, many of you think Lifehouse’s songs are too mainstream but what the heck, their songs are just too perfect for me, man.

    So when I learned they are coming to visit me, I mean Manila, I’d admit there is a little screaming and giggling and no question asked, I’ll be there and will sing my heart out!

    PS. iPhone pictures only. I know, it sucks! But, carry on. Chos. :)

    I barely even got a decent shot of them even a video because I was too busy singing and dancing and rockin’ hahaha. 

    #1 Highlight of the night:

    The 10 minute acoustic medley they did. Jason Wade allowed the audience to request any song from any of their albums, aaah did you know how amazing was that? I can’t even… AHHH! It was beyond perfection. He sang Storm, Blind, Sick Cycle Carousel, Breathing and Everything.

    #2 Highlight of the night:

    When Jason Wade (aaaahhh) goes to the audience while singing Nerve Damage, I was too busy looking for him and screaming and singing the song at the same time (kaya nyo yun? haha) and little did I know he is coming near us, luckily I was holding my phone and boom, I video’ed him getting closer to me waaaa. Lucky girls were able to shake his hands but poor me, I didn’t get the chance because I was on the edge and bouncers were blocking his way through me </3 lol. 

    Photo: Not mine

    Overall, it was amazing! Yes, I could finally cross “Watch Lifehouse live” off of my bucket list. Aha aha *banana dance*

    Thinking if I shall include this picture of mine… ooops I just did. Haha! Hayaan nyo na! :P 

    Lifehouse live in Manila - May 26, 2012

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    Somewhere only we know 

    Awesome cover